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NP - Nurse Practitioners

SJ Medical Group is actively seeking compassionate and highly skilled Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to join our dynamic healthcare team. As an NP at SJ Medical Group, you will play a crucial role in providing comprehensive patient care and promoting the well-being of our diverse patient population.


  1. Patient assessment and care planning: Conduct thorough patient evaluations, including medical histories, physical examinations, and interpretation of diagnostic tests, to develop personalized care plans.

  2. Diagnose and treat medical conditions: Utilize advanced clinical knowledge to diagnose and manage acute and chronic illnesses, prescribe medications, and implement evidence-based treatment plans.

  3. Health promotion and disease prevention: Educate patients on health maintenance, disease prevention strategies, and lifestyle modifications to improve overall wellness.

  4. Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams: Work collaboratively with physicians, specialists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and coordinated patient care.

  5. Perform procedures and treatments: Administer vaccinations, perform minor procedures, provide wound care, and assist with medical interventions as required.

  6. Patient counseling and support: Offer guidance, counseling, and emotional support to patients and their families, addressing their concerns and promoting patient empowerment.

  7. Documentation and record-keeping: Maintain accurate and complete electronic medical records, documenting patient encounters, diagnoses, treatments, and follow-up plans in accordance with organizational and legal standards.

  8. Continuous professional development: Stay up-to-date with current healthcare trends, evidence-based practices, and advancements in medical knowledge by participating in continuing education activities and professional development opportunities.


  1. Master's degree in Nursing from an accredited institution, with specialization as a Nurse Practitioner.

  2. Current and unrestricted NP license in the state of California.

  3. Certification as a Nurse Practitioner in the respective specialty area.

  4. Proficiency in conducting comprehensive health assessments, diagnosing medical conditions, and developing and implementing appropriate treatment plans.

  5. Strong clinical knowledge and ability to effectively manage acute and chronic illnesses.

  6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with patients, families, and healthcare teams.

  7. Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team-based care model.

  8. Dedication to providing patient-centered care with a focus on compassion, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.

At SJ Medical Group, we offer a supportive work environment, and a comprehensive benefits package. Join us in our mission to provide exceptional healthcare services, foster patient wellness, and make a positive impact on our community.

If you are a compassionate and dedicated Nurse Practitioner seeking a rewarding career opportunity, we invite you to apply and become a valuable member of the SJ Medical Group team. Together, we can deliver outstanding patient care and contribute to the advancement of healthcare.

Let’s Work Together

Contact our HR team to learn more about the opportunties at SJ Medical Group

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